Gunshot Mailbox

Gunshot Mailbox

I like this photo of a mailbox. But maybe not for reasons that first come to mind. 

I made the photo while out on a walk one day. It’s a simple enough idea. Who shoots their gun at the mailbox of love? But the image is just slightly out of focus, which bothered me. So I returned a few days later to try again. Same time of day -- the better to catch the sun repeating its trick, right?

Well guess what. Sun and Earth were no longer in the same alignment. The hard-hearted universe had moved on, one might say. 

I stood and waited, and the sun fell, and then suddenly the moment passed without happening again. We’re left with an imperfect image, capturing that special moment when a hostile sentiment -- namely, the mailbox of love with a bullet hole in it -- sparkled in the sun.

So that’s one thing I like about it, the trying again and failing. It fits the mood.